SNSD’s Pairings

Some trivia for SNSD pairing shippers over here. It’s kind of cool that SNSD is the only group with official pairing names, families and shipper names. Really. I haven’t heard of any other group having these. It makes me proud, and then again, sad, because SHINee at least needs a JongKey one.


Pairing Shipper Names:

-TaeNy shippers: Locksmiths (the prettiest name ever)

-JeTi shippers: JeTidal Surfers (sounds cool. don’t know why.)

-YoonYul shippers: Twin Troopers (*imagining soldiers with rifles*)

-YulSic shippers: Royal Shippers

-YulTi shippers: Soulkeepers (I love this one, though it reminds me of Bleach)

-SooSica shippers: SooSic Spheres (are we round?)

-TaengSic shippers: TaengSicles (what?!) / Unbreakables (YEAAH) / Diamonds (not sure about this)

-SunYeon shippers: Gangsters (um. okay.)

-YoonSic shippers: YoonSecretives (because they’re so… secretive..? They also are mother and daughter in RF)

-YoonHyun shippers: Loyalists

-SooSun shippers: SooSunatics (doesn’t make sense to me. a play on the word fanatic maybe?)



-Royal: TaeNy, YulSic, YoonHyun, SooSun

-Ace: JeTi, HyoYoung, SunYeon

-Deuce / Full House: YulTi, YoonSic

-Dice: All other pairings


The Wives:

1. Tiffany: It’s because she’s just too darned submissive. Liking pink and all things feminine adds to it.

2. Seohyun: She’s so motherly and the image of a perfect wife. Self-explanatory.

3. Jessica: She gets scared easily and has shown barely any sign of manliness, excuse my terms, except for her violence, which is characteristic of a jealous, over-possessive wife, which she is often portrayed as.

4. Yoona: Sometimes, she is, outside of YoonHyun and the murky waters of YoonYul, because who knows who wears the pants in that relationship? I mean, she does have her entourage of males who choose her as their ideal types in Korea. She has a wall of them at some SNSD fansite, and there are about 38 celebrities. Congratulations?

5. Sunny: When, of course, not paired with any of the above, then yes.

6. Hyoyeon: Rarely.


The Husbands:

1. Yuri: Most popular male in the SNSD fandom- ManYul with his abs, tan skin and sportiness. It’s because Yuri has abs, good looks, isn’t as feminine as Tiffany and so on.

2. Taeyeon: She keeps to herself, likes blue, hasn’t exactly got a male ideal type. And she’s also dominant over Fany. Locksmith bias right there.

3. Sooyoung: Definitely, because she’s tall, likes dark colours and mostly because she had short hair in Genie. She looked amazing there.

4. Hyoyeon: Again, Hyoyeon can be either. She’s sassy and cool like a female, but she’s also rough and full of humour.


The Outsiders:

1. SunByung / SuByung: The first name is the one used by English-speaking shippers. The actual name is SuByung, according to Invincible Youth, because Sunny’s name in Korean is Su-Nny, not Sun-Ny. SunByung is this cutest couple yet. Especially since Hyomin is so overly reliant on Sunny for everything. They’re close outside.

2. HyoNi: Not sure how this originated, but they were seen cuddling at Dream Team. That’s all. Still, they make an interesting couple.

3. YoonHae: Unfortunately, I can’t ignore this, because there are so many shippers.

4. MinYul: I ship this. Minho and Yuri. Just go look it up on Youtube: MinYul kiss.

5. JongSica: I PREFER ONSICA!!! *angry fangirl* Kay, well, they’re hilarious together. Two idiots causing ruckus. Jonghyun who is immature and then our Sica who is just.. she’s just too out of this world for words.

6. SeoKyu: Maknae couple! Evil maknae could teach Seohyun a lot.. Like how to stop frying peas and pick up a chip.

7. TaeTeuk: Leader couple? Not sure how this is but according to me, zero chemistry there.


Thoughts on Pairings:

1. TaeNy: Taeyeon and Fany have a strong bond that was cultivated over years through Tiffany’s need for someone stronger and Taeyeon’s natural independent spirit. Because they’ve grown close, Tiffany now wants Taeyeon to rely on her too. Taeyeon has weakened over incidents over the years, and now Fany’s there to catch her if she falls.

2. YulSic: They have a lot of touchy moments, due to a very touchy Jessica and hilarious, embarrassing Yuri. Results in many ManYul fanfics being produced.

3. SooSica: This would be due to their really long relationship. Sooyoung understands Jessica well, and keeps her distance because now Jessica has other members, and it isn’t just she, Hyo and Sica now.

4. HyoSica: Gosh are they violent.

5. TaengSic: I’ll be honest. They have better chemistry than TaeNy, because Sica would be less of a burden to Taeyeon, who has been frustrated with Fany many times. But since they’re just caring friends with both not knowing that they could have better chemistry with each other, everything is fine. Sometimes, fate wills that a person go to someone else needing her more.

6. 2ny: I think they’re cute. Both slightly dreamy. Sunny is mature enough to be a replacement for Tiffany. Actually, she is slightly more mature than Taeyeon and is feminine enough to guide Tiffany well without much scolding.2


Yep. That’s all folks. Just some guides and thoughts to help the shippers here.







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