SNSD – I Got A Boy Album Tracklist

1. I Got A Boy
2. Dancing Queen
3. Baby Maybe
4. Talk Talk
5. Promise
6. Express 999
7. Lost In Love
8. Look At Me
9. XYZ
10. Romantic St.


List of SoShi Couples

TaeSica [Taeyeon & Jessica]
SunYeon [Sunny & Taeyeon]
HyoSica [Hyoyeon & Jessica]
HyoYoung [Hyoyeon & Sooyoung]
HyoHyun[Hyoyeon and Seohyun]
HyoSun [Hyoyeon and Sunny]
HyoTae [Hyoyeon & Taeyeon]
HyoFany[Hyoyeon & Tiffany]
HyoRi[Hyoyeon & Yuri]
JeNy[Jessica & Tiffany]
SeoSica/JessHyun[Seohyun & Jessica]
SeoFany[Seohyun & Tiffany]
SeoRi [Seohyun & Yuri]
SooHyun[Sooyoung & Seohyun]
SooSica [Sooyoung & Jessica]
SooSun [Sooyoung & Sunny]
SooTae [Sooyoung and Taeyeon]
SooFany [Sooyoung & Tiffany]
Soori [Sooyoung & Yuri]
SunFany [Sunny & Tiffany]
SunSica[Sunny & Jessica]
SunHyun [Sunny & SeoHyun]
SunYeon [Sunny and Taeyeon]
SunRi [Sunny&Yuri]
SeoTae[Taeyeon & Seohyun]
TaeFany [Taeyeon & Tiffany]
TaeYoon [Taeyeon & Yoona]
TaeRi [Taeyeon and Yuri]
TiRi [Tiffany & Yuri]
YoonHyo [Yoona & Hyoyeon]
YoonSica [Yoona & Jessica]
YoonHyun[Yoona & Seohyun]
Soona [Yoona & Sooyoung]
YoonSun[Yoona & Sunny]
YoonFany[Yoona & Tiffany]
YoonRi[Yoona & Yuri]
YuSica[Yuri & Jessica]

Soshi + Other Artists 

2NE9[SNSD + 2NE1]
2AM Generation[SNSD + 2AM]
2PM Generation[2PM and SNSD]
4 Generation[SNSD + 4MINUTE]
After Generation [After School and SNSD]
Beauties & the Beasties[SNSD + Beast]
BoShi [BoA and SNSD]
Brown Eyed Generation[SNSD + Brown Eyed Girls]
Cheon Sang Shi Dae [CSJH and SNSD]
Children of Generation[ZE:A and SNSD]
Blue Generation[Cn Blue and SNSD]
Dae Guk Shi Dae[DaeGuk NamAh and SNSD]
Dalmation Generation[Dalmation SNSD]
Davichi Generation[Davichi and SNSD]
DoTa [Taeyeon and Hyung Don]
Epik Generation[Epik High and SNSD]
f(9)[SNSD + f(x)]
Fcuz Generation[Fcuz and SNSD]
Geun Suk Shidae[SNSD + Jang Geun Suk]
Infinite Generation[Infinite and SNSD]
Girls Power Generation[GP Basic and SNSD]
Jaesukshidae[Yoo Jaesuk and SNSD]
Kara Generation [KARA and SNSD]
Kim Yuna Shi Dae[Kim Yuna and SNSD]
Miss Soshi[Miss A and SNSD]
Rain Generation[Rain and SNSD]
Rainbow Generation[SNSD+Rainbow]
Girls Scandal[Scandal and SNSD]
SeungGi Generation/SeungGi’s Girls[SNSD+Lee SeungGi]
SHINee Generation [SHINee and SNSD]
SNSTAR[Sistar and SNSD]
SoShYin [Zhang Li Yin and SNSD]
SoNyuhShinKi [DBSK and SNSD]
SonyuhSun[Goo Hyesun and SNSD]
SongJoongShidae [Song Joong Ki and SNSD]
SoShi501 [SS501 and SNSD]
SoShi Bang [Big Bang and SNSD]
Super Generation [Super Junior and SNSD]
TaeWoo Shi Dae[SNSD + Kim Tae Woo]
Top Generation [Teen Top and SNSD]
T-Generation[SNSD + T-ara]
The Power of Nine[Nine Muses and SNSD]
TiffSung [HyeSung and Tiffany]
U-Kiss Generation[SNSD + U-Kiss]
Wonder Generation [Wonder Girls and SNSD]

Source & Credits: Soshified Forums

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90 Facts About Kim Taeyeon

1.Taeyeon’s talents came from her parents…Her dad was a vocalist in a band, and mom had won children’s song competitions when she was young.


2.Taeyeon’s parents are very supportive. They let their children decide for themselves. Because of that, Taeyeon learned to take care of things on her own.


3.Her Father once said, Taeyeon, ever since, has always been taeyeon(Calm).


4.Her brother once said, when Taeyeon was in middle school, she was already an ahjumma.


5.Taeyeon thinks she would burden the girls if she let them see that she’s upset over something, that’s why she keeps so many secrets/problems.


6.Taeyeon used to travel from Seoul to her home almost everyday on her trainee days. School work is the main reason.


7.Taeyeon never played with dolls, she played tops, robots and cars..


8.Taeyeon once dreamed of becoming an announcer. She said she wanted to take over the world.


9.Taeyeon was hospitalized last March(not sure about the date) and due to

her absence, Sooyoung replaced her in Chinchin.


10.It was once asked on Taeyeon,”If you and your boyfriend broke up, where will you go?” She answered, “The most quiet place in the world , I will calm down my mood alone”


11.Once when she was recording a solo, Taengoo did not sing well and she could not reach the high notes. She tried recording it again many times but it was the same. She cried. Everyone was shocked to see Taeng crying. Fany, who couldn’t walk that time due to lef injuries wanted to walk towards her to comfort her but HyoYeon stopped her from doing so. Taeng later said that she didn’t do well and she cried because she was worrying about someone.


12. taeyeon once said, “No one believes I haven Fall In love before”


13.Taeyeon is actually taller than Sunny by only “2cm”


14.Taeyeon phone was once lost and it was found inside the refrigerator


15.Taeyeon’s favorite song from their first album is “Merry-Go-Round”.


16.Taeyeon is a sleep talker.


17. taeyon used to play RF online.


18.Taeyeon is a fruit Peeler expert.


19.Taeyeon cherishes her phone and her online games.


20.Taeyeon once wanted to quit as SNSD’s Leader.


21.Taeyeon knows how to play starcraft and her favorite race is protos


22.She i a good pen spinner


23.She is the dorkiest girl group leader.


24. She loves gummy bears.


25.She is a fan girl of Rain Bi.


26.She once said that she likes wearing long sleeved pajamas because she feels more secured with them.


27.She maid their chant, “Right now, It’s SNSD”


28.Kim Taeyeon Literally means “The Great Beauty” Taeyeon literally means, “Calm”


29.Taeyeon’s favorite number is 9.


30. Seohyun somehow brainwashed her because she now likes Keroro.


31. She likes to have a musjroom as her house.


32.Taeyeon has a very bad memory.


33.Taeyeon ran away from their dorm during her trainee days because of exhaustion.


34.Taeyeon’s ideal guys is the one who’s humerous and has a good skin.


35.Taeyeon is the type who hides her sadness in smiles.


36.Taeyeon once dreamed to be a math teacher.


37. She likes cactuses!


38. Taeyeon and Fany are Wife-Wifw couples.


39.She hates aegyo. She once said she had a hard time being cute in “Gee”


40.”Never do things you will regret later” is her Motto.


41. Taeyeon wanted to do musicals from the very beginning.


42. she wears contacts.


43. She sleeps an average of 7 hours a day.


44. Taeyeon voted herself as best cook of all nine members though others voted for Hyoyeon.


45. Taengoo once cried because she felt bad that while the members were eating on the table, the staff were eating on the floor.



46. She became a model of her parents’ optical shop.


47. She doesn’t like long haired boys.


48. In Music Bank, she got hit with the fireworks but no serious injury.


49.When she was young, she used to listen to the radio while studying. She says radio listening has been a part of her life.


50.Taeyeonn likes the movie, “National Treasure”


51. Fans call her hobbit(Human Elf)


52. She straches everyday to somehow gain height.


53.Before, Taeyeon sleep walked and used the elevator several time while sleeping.


54.She dislikes herself after being full because of eating too much.


55.Taeyeon is dreadful using her left hand that she only types in the keyboard with her right hand.


56.She likes purple flowers.


57.she watches TV 4 hours a da.


58. She takes utensils and other things with her on broadcasting stations so that she would be ready when other members need them.


59. she likes tigers, puppies, and cats.


60. Her favorite season is Winter.


61.She will choose friendship over love.


62.Taeyeon’s common sleep talk phrase is ‘More! More!’ which made Yoona (her former roommate) laugh so hard that she had a hard time falling asleep.


63.She wants to visit America and Japan.


64. Taegang Unite is her fan club’s name.


65. Taeyeon’s roomate is sunny.


66.she used to suffer from insomnia.


67. Her favorite color is light blue and purple blue.


68. Her brother looks like her, has the same expression as her, and is nicknamed, “Boy Taeyeon”.


69. One of her ideal men is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z


70. her most treasured object is her Training jogging pants that she wears eventhough it is worn out uunti she gave it away on We Got Married.


71. Her nicknames are, Eomma, Ajumma, Kid Leader, Byuntaengoo, Taegoo, Tete, and Dorky Leader.


72. Taeyeon, Soo, and Yoona hated cockroaches so much that they once burned it on top of a candle.


73.She can fall asleep anywhere.


74. She and Jessica are best out of the 9 when it comes to Highest Vocals.


75. She was chosen leader because it was a requirement with SM Entertainment that Leaders are the ones who are eldest.


76. She’s blunt, Dense(I dont like that one.>.


77.Get’s drunk on butter bear.


78.She has 5 piercings.


79. She sets the camera on the 9th level when she takes pictures of herself.


80. She plays football.


81.She can imitate Sharapova’s(Tennis Player) “Sound Effects”


82. Taeyeon’s last visit on is August 2, 2008, 6:31 PM


83. Her height is 1.82 m.


84. She loves to touch nicole’s(Kara) Butt.


85. She envies Sooyoung’s short hair that she copied it.


86. She was asked once, “How do you disteress” ans she answered, ” Think of something else; listen to music to divert mood.”


87. She used to play Violin.


88. She and Sunny are called,”Villains of SNSD”


89. She and sunny also were said to have,”Short heights but Steel hearts”








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Gathered by : Lovely Shikshin Ragay


Revised by : Jehrone Velasco

SNSD’s Pairings

Some trivia for SNSD pairing shippers over here. It’s kind of cool that SNSD is the only group with official pairing names, families and shipper names. Really. I haven’t heard of any other group having these. It makes me proud, and then again, sad, because SHINee at least needs a JongKey one.


Pairing Shipper Names:

-TaeNy shippers: Locksmiths (the prettiest name ever)

-JeTi shippers: JeTidal Surfers (sounds cool. don’t know why.)

-YoonYul shippers: Twin Troopers (*imagining soldiers with rifles*)

-YulSic shippers: Royal Shippers

-YulTi shippers: Soulkeepers (I love this one, though it reminds me of Bleach)

-SooSica shippers: SooSic Spheres (are we round?)

-TaengSic shippers: TaengSicles (what?!) / Unbreakables (YEAAH) / Diamonds (not sure about this)

-SunYeon shippers: Gangsters (um. okay.)

-YoonSic shippers: YoonSecretives (because they’re so… secretive..? They also are mother and daughter in RF)

-YoonHyun shippers: Loyalists

-SooSun shippers: SooSunatics (doesn’t make sense to me. a play on the word fanatic maybe?)



-Royal: TaeNy, YulSic, YoonHyun, SooSun

-Ace: JeTi, HyoYoung, SunYeon

-Deuce / Full House: YulTi, YoonSic

-Dice: All other pairings


The Wives:

1. Tiffany: It’s because she’s just too darned submissive. Liking pink and all things feminine adds to it.

2. Seohyun: She’s so motherly and the image of a perfect wife. Self-explanatory.

3. Jessica: She gets scared easily and has shown barely any sign of manliness, excuse my terms, except for her violence, which is characteristic of a jealous, over-possessive wife, which she is often portrayed as.

4. Yoona: Sometimes, she is, outside of YoonHyun and the murky waters of YoonYul, because who knows who wears the pants in that relationship? I mean, she does have her entourage of males who choose her as their ideal types in Korea. She has a wall of them at some SNSD fansite, and there are about 38 celebrities. Congratulations?

5. Sunny: When, of course, not paired with any of the above, then yes.

6. Hyoyeon: Rarely.


The Husbands:

1. Yuri: Most popular male in the SNSD fandom- ManYul with his abs, tan skin and sportiness. It’s because Yuri has abs, good looks, isn’t as feminine as Tiffany and so on.

2. Taeyeon: She keeps to herself, likes blue, hasn’t exactly got a male ideal type. And she’s also dominant over Fany. Locksmith bias right there.

3. Sooyoung: Definitely, because she’s tall, likes dark colours and mostly because she had short hair in Genie. She looked amazing there.

4. Hyoyeon: Again, Hyoyeon can be either. She’s sassy and cool like a female, but she’s also rough and full of humour.


The Outsiders:

1. SunByung / SuByung: The first name is the one used by English-speaking shippers. The actual name is SuByung, according to Invincible Youth, because Sunny’s name in Korean is Su-Nny, not Sun-Ny. SunByung is this cutest couple yet. Especially since Hyomin is so overly reliant on Sunny for everything. They’re close outside.

2. HyoNi: Not sure how this originated, but they were seen cuddling at Dream Team. That’s all. Still, they make an interesting couple.

3. YoonHae: Unfortunately, I can’t ignore this, because there are so many shippers.

4. MinYul: I ship this. Minho and Yuri. Just go look it up on Youtube: MinYul kiss.

5. JongSica: I PREFER ONSICA!!! *angry fangirl* Kay, well, they’re hilarious together. Two idiots causing ruckus. Jonghyun who is immature and then our Sica who is just.. she’s just too out of this world for words.

6. SeoKyu: Maknae couple! Evil maknae could teach Seohyun a lot.. Like how to stop frying peas and pick up a chip.

7. TaeTeuk: Leader couple? Not sure how this is but according to me, zero chemistry there.


Thoughts on Pairings:

1. TaeNy: Taeyeon and Fany have a strong bond that was cultivated over years through Tiffany’s need for someone stronger and Taeyeon’s natural independent spirit. Because they’ve grown close, Tiffany now wants Taeyeon to rely on her too. Taeyeon has weakened over incidents over the years, and now Fany’s there to catch her if she falls.

2. YulSic: They have a lot of touchy moments, due to a very touchy Jessica and hilarious, embarrassing Yuri. Results in many ManYul fanfics being produced.

3. SooSica: This would be due to their really long relationship. Sooyoung understands Jessica well, and keeps her distance because now Jessica has other members, and it isn’t just she, Hyo and Sica now.

4. HyoSica: Gosh are they violent.

5. TaengSic: I’ll be honest. They have better chemistry than TaeNy, because Sica would be less of a burden to Taeyeon, who has been frustrated with Fany many times. But since they’re just caring friends with both not knowing that they could have better chemistry with each other, everything is fine. Sometimes, fate wills that a person go to someone else needing her more.

6. 2ny: I think they’re cute. Both slightly dreamy. Sunny is mature enough to be a replacement for Tiffany. Actually, she is slightly more mature than Taeyeon and is feminine enough to guide Tiffany well without much scolding.2


Yep. That’s all folks. Just some guides and thoughts to help the shippers here.







SNSD’s Facts

– Sebelum debut SNSD berkonsep 12 orang, salah satu calon dari member SNSD adalah Soyeon T-ara.

– Sebelum debut dengan SNSD, beberapa member telah debut perorangan seperti Yuri yang menjadi figuran di film Flower Boy-nya Super Junior, dia juga telah berakting dalam beberapa CF salah satunya dengan Jang Dong Gun di China. Sooyoung juga pernah membentuk grup duo di Jepang dia juga pernah berakting di CF Anycall, Yoona yang menjadi model MV dan CF. Serta Seohyun yang menjadi model bersama TVXQ.

– Member SNSD yang paling melakukan kesalahan saat perform adalah Yuri, Tiffany dan Sunny, tapi kayaknya Tiffany yang keseringan apes coz tiap ngelakuin kesalahan camera sedang fokus ke dia.

– Saat sekolah di Korea Tiffany dan Jessica satu SMA, Yoona dan Seohyun juga satu sekolah, Taeyeon dan Sooyoung juga satu sekolah dengan Sunye Wonder Girls.

– Member yang klo lagi marah terlihat nyeremin ntu Taeyeon dan Hyoyeon, coz klo lagi marah mereka cenderung menjadi pendiam.

– Member yang paling tinggi adalah Sooyoung dan yang paling pendek adalah Sunny.

– Member yang paling banyak punya tindik adalah Hyoyeon (14 ditelingga dan 1 dimulut) setelah itu menyusul Taeyeon dan Tiffany (jumlahnya q ngga tau).

– Roomates SNSD didorm baru adalah Yoona-Yuri, Taeyeon-Sunny, Sooyoung-Jessica, Hyoyeon-Seohyun dan Tiffany mendapatkan kamar sendiri karena dia ngga punya rumah di korea dan barang bawaannya banyak. Mereka nentuin pembagian kamar dengan cara suit dan pemenangnya adalah Sunny dan Taeyeon (mereka pemilih kamar pertama).

– Member yang bisa masak adalah Hyoyeon, Taeyeon dan Yuri. Sedangkan Jessica dan Tiffany merupakan member yang ngga cocok dengan urusan dapur.

– Para ibu dari member SNSD sering sekali ngadain acara ngumpul bareng.

– Hampir semua member punya sifat jahil dan member yang paling sering dikerjain adalah Tiffany.

– Salah satu kejahilan Yoona, dia pernah membangunkan Yuri tengah malam hanya untuk nunjukin kaki ayam, dan ntu bikin Yuri BT.

– Yoona dan Jessica pernah membuat kimbab dan sandwich “beracun” buat ngerjain Sooyoung dan Tiffany dengan mencampuri bahan makanan dengan berbagai bumbu secara berlebihan, lalu Sooyoung ngebalas dengan membuat sereal dengan campuran garam (hampir 1 bungkus) dan member yang kena adalah Yoona, Yuri dan Sunny^^.

– Para member SNSD juga pernah ngebohongin Tiffany tentang sup kambing Korea yang klo arti katanya diterjemahin satu-satu berarti Sup empat besi. Dan mereka semua berusaha menyakinkan Tiffany klo besi itu bisa dimakan, membuat Tiffany bingung. (kebohongan ini juga pernah dipake ke Nicole KARA yang bahasa Koreanya juga belum lancar, si Nicole sampai nelpon managernya buat mastiin besi ntu bisa dimakan ato ngga).

– Yuri suka banget mengikat tali sepatu teman-temannya menjadi satu ngebuat temen-temennya sering marah coz harus misahin satu-satu.

– Yuri suka banget nakut-nakutin Tiffany dengan serangga bo’ong2an coz Tiffany tuch takut banget dengan semua jenis serangga.

– Yuri pernah menyembunyikan high heels Sunny dibelakang kulkas.

– Taeyeon dan Hyoyeon pernah ngerjain Yoona dengan ngasih bekal coklat yang super pahit dan ngga enak.(q ngga tau namanya dan ekspresi Seohyun waktu ikut makan sangat menderita tuch).

– Walaupun Taeyeon adalah leader SNSD tapi Hyoyeon adalah ibu SNSD.

– Hyoyeon suka banget nyuci bajunya sendiri karena itu dia dapat julukan “Laundry Girl”.

– Hyoyeon juga paling jago masak diantara member SNSD, Seohyun dan Sooyoung sering minta dibuatin makanan. Bahkan di note Thanks-nya Junsu 2pm, Junsu juga minta dibuatin masakan (lagi) oleh Hyoyeon.

– Selain itu Hyoyeon juga member yang paling rajin nebersihin rumah dan living roomnya di dorm.

– Hyoyeon bersahabat dekat dengan Nicole KARA, Jaebum dan junsu 2pm.

– Saat trainee Hyoyeon tidak akrab dengan member SNSD lain coz dia masuk kelas dance cowok, bukan kelas dance cewek.

– Saat trainee Hyoyeon dan beberapa murid lain pernah dikiim ke Cina untuk belajar bahasa mandarin, salh satu murid itu adalah Siwon SJ.

– Saat pulang dari Cina tubuh Hyoyeon menjadi gemuk dan Sooyoung memanggilnya “Putri Fiona”. Awalnya Hyoyeon senang disebut purti, sampe ditau bagaimana wujud dari Putri Fiona.

– Hyoyeon punya adik laki-laki bernama Kim Min Gyu dan wajah mereka berdua sangat mirip.

– Hyoyeon adalah mantan kidal karena itu dia bisa menggunakan kedua tangannya secara imbang. (Klo orang normalkan cenderung pake tangan kanan doang).

– Dulu saat trainee Hyoyeon sering banget gonta-ganti warna rambut menjadi hijau, ungu, merah dan pirang.

– Walaupun disaat marah Hyoyeon bakal jadi pendiam, tapi dia pernah sampe nantang Sooyoung berantem dan itu membuat Sooyoung ketakutan, padahal saat itu member yang lain sedang ngerjain dia yang lagi ultah.

– Jessica paling benci dengan ketimun dan Yoona pernah nakut2in Jessica make ketimun.

– Jessica benci ketimun, melon, semangka dan sejenisnya.

– SM nemuin Jessica saat ia sedang berlibur ke Korea dan jalan2 di shooping center, dan saat diajak audisi dia diterima, akhirnya keluarga Jung milih pindah ke Korea buat Jessica coz saat itu Jessica masih berumur 11 tahun.

– Jessica tuch hobbynya tidur dan keahliannya adalah tidur. Klo lagi tidur dia susah banget dibangunin dan salah satu cara membangunkan dia adalah dengan nyeritain hal lucu biar dia tertawa dan bangun.

– Jessica bisa tertidur sambil berdiri, dia juga bisa ketiduran saat syuting (Yuri sampe bengong coz dia jadi ngomong sendiri gara2 si Jessica tidur beneran).

– Jessica juga sering menghilang saat teman2nya sedang syuting dan gitu camera nge-shoot ternyata dia lagi tidur.

– Jessica merupakan anak tertua dari dua bersaudara dan Jessica pernah bilang klo dia bukan contoh yang baik untuk adiknya Kystal.

– Jessica paling suka mengelus kepala para member lain buat nunjukin kasih sayangnya, dan yang paling sering dielus tuch kepala Taeyeon dan Yuri.

– Jessica pernah bilang Yuri adalah best friendnya di SNSD.

– Jessica adalah member yang paling ngga tahan dengan panas dan gampang banget berkeringan karan itu dia sering banget mejeng di depan AC ato meluk2 AC.

– Jessica tuch sering banget lemot dalam merespon hal yang lucu, disaat yang lain sudah tertawa dia masih mikir dan ketika yang lain sudah bersikap biasa dia baru ngeh dan ikut tertawa.

– Saat masih trainee dulu Yoona pernah naksir Yuchun TVXQ.

– Yoona adalah member terkuat dia bahkan bisa menggendong orang tua sambil berlari, tapi karena itu pula ia jadi sering diminta ngebawain barang temen2nya^^.

– Yoona adala shikshin kedua setelah Sooyoung.

– Yoona ngerasa dia bukan kakak yang baik untuk Seohyun.

– Satu hari sebelum debut Taeyeon pernah melarikan diri dan pulang ke rumah, tapi setelah itu dia mutusin buat balik.

– Saat ditunjuk menjadi leader SNSD, Taeyeon merasa ngga siap dan dia selalu butuh bantuan teman2nya.

– Taeyeon pernah kehilangan HPnya dan ditemukan kembali di kulkas.

– Taeyeon punya kebiasaan tidur dengan mata terbuka, ia juga sering bicara saat tidur, seperti nge-DJ atau menghafalkan perkalian.

– Taeyeon ingin menjadi guru matematika.

– Taeyeon memilih tidak kuliah karena jadwalnya yang sangat padat. Ia juga ngga mau kuliah hanya untuk mendapatkan status “mahasiswa” hanya untuk publisitas. (maksudnya ngaku kuliah tapi ngga pernah masuk).

– Di SJ Tayeon paling suka dengan Kyuhyun (dia juga pernah gugup saat bertemu Kyuhyun) dan di DBSK dia paling suka dengan Junsu.

– Saat trainee, Taeyeon sekamar dengan Tiffany dan Jang Ri In.

– Keluarga Taeyeon punya sebuah toko kacamata dan disana banyak sekali foto dan pernak-pernik SNSD. Bahkan meja tamu buat pengunjung juga berlapis poster SNSD.(Pengen banget ke sana^^).

– Seohyun sering sekali mengalami krisis kepercayaan diri dengan merasa dirinya tuch ngga cantik.

– Seohyun adalah member yang klo mandi paling lama.

– Setiap pagi Seohyun selalu bangun jam 7 pagi buat membaca buku. (Kegiatannya ini sering menggangu teman sekamarnya^^)

– Seohyun paling suka dengan tokoh Keroro, karena itu dia dapat julukan Seororo.

– Seohyun bisa liat kartun/anime sampe jam 2 pagi.

– Saat Seohyun kangen dengan Keroro ia akan bernostalgia dengan ngedengerin OST Keroro.

– Seohyun suka sekali menempelkan stiker kodok keseluruh ruangan termasuk ke barang2 milik member yang lain.

– Seohyun adalah member yang paling jarang mengekspesikan amarahnya. dan dia juga member paling diam di SNSD.

– Seohyun adalah member yang paling payah dalam berakting ngerjain member lain, karena itu Tiffany sering nanya ke Seohyun klo member lain lagi ngerjain dia. Karena menurut Tiffany, Seohyun ngga jago bo’ong.

– Seohyun adalah anak tunggal.

– Yuri merupakan anak bungsu dari dua bersaudara, ia memiliki kakak laki2.

– Saat kecil Yuri sangat tomboy coz sering diajak main perang2an ama kakaknya.

– Yuri bakal berubah jadi feminim saat deket dengan cowok.

– Saat pertama masuk ke SM Yuri sempat dibully oleh Hyoyeon, Sooyoung dan Jessica.

– Saat pertama masuk SM, Hyoyeon menganggap Yuri adalah rivalnya coz Yuri menang kompetisi dance.

– Yuri mendapat julukan black Pearl coz kulitnya paling item diantara temen2nya (sebenarnya yang paling item tuch Sooyoung ata Yuri ya?)

– Sunny adalah anak bungsu dari 3 bersaudara.

– Sebelum masuk SM, Sunny telah ikut pelatihan di agensi lain tapi ternyata agensinya bangkrut, lalu dia diajak Ayoomi buat masuk SM, awalnya Sunny nolak coz takut dikira KKN. Tapi akhirnya dia mau ikut audisi dan diterima.

– Sunny ngga suka minum susu (mungkin n tu faktor dia ngga bisa tinggi^^).

– Karena pernah menjadi pengungsi perang Teluk di Kuwait, sampai sekarang Sunny masih memiliki phobia terhadap suara ledakan petasan ato keras. Dan saat diatas panggung member lain sering melindungi dia dengan nutupin telingganya.

– Sunny paling suka main game.

– Hyuna 4minute bilang klo dia pengen jadi adiknya Sunny.

– Saat di Jepang Sooyoung tinggal bersama BOA dan Sunday CSJH The Grace.

– Sooyoung adalah member pertama SNSD yang dikontrak untuk iklan HP anycall bersama Park Jun Ah Jewelry (Sebelum Sooyoung debut dengan SNSD).

– Sooyoung adalah member yang paling suka makan di SNSD, dalam sehari dia bisa makan 6-9 kali dan Sooyoung juga bisa menghabiskan 3 cup ice cream dalam waktu 5 menit.

– Sooyoung mengaku klo dia suka pornografi^^.

– Sooyoung adalah member yang paling jahil di SNSD.

– Sooyoung merupakan anak kedua dari 3 bersaudara.

– Tiffany bisa berbicara bahasa Korea dengan memakai aksen Amerika.

– Tiffany adalah member yang paling kuat minum alkohol.

– Tiffany melakukan ciuman pertamanya bersama temannya karan dia kalah main true or dare.

– Harapan Tiffany adalah bisa bertemu lagi dengan cinta pertamanya.

SNSD’s Couple & Shipper Names

SunYeon (Sunny + Taeyeon) – DanDyu Gangsters

JeTi (Jessica + Tiffany) – JeTidal Wave Surfers

YoonYul (Yoona + Yuri) – Twin Trooper

YoonYul - Gee !! - girls-generation-snsd Photo

YulTi (Yuri + Tiffany) – Soulkeeper

YoonSic  (Yoona + Jessica) – YoonSicretives

SooSun (Sooyoung + Sunny) – SooSunatic

YoonHyun (Yoona + Seohyun) – YoonHyun Loyalist

SooSic (Sooyoung + Jessica) – The SooSic Sphere

SooTae (Sooyoung + Taeyeon) – SooTaelite

SooRi (Sooyoung + Yuri) – SooRizen

SooNa (Sooyoung + Yoona) – SooNata

2Ny (Tiffany + Sunny) – Eyesmilers

YulSic (Yuri + Jessica) – Royal Shippers

YoonFany (Yoona + Tiffany) – Hunter

TaeNy (Taeyeon + Tiffany) – Locksmith